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About Us

For nearly five decades Millennium Sensor’s CEO and Chief Technology Officer, Mike Roberts, has been designing leading edge electronic technology. Mr. Roberts founded Millennium Sensor, and his focus turned to the field of sensor technology.

In 2001, the company realigned its Mission Statement, in large part due to the encouragement of a group of civil and enlisted engineers and operators. Millennium became dedicated to the design of sensor technology purposed exclusively for military and law enforcement personnel at the federal and state/local levels. The P3 line of sytems are targeted towards Peripherial Personal Protection.

In addition to becoming well-known and respected for its state-of-the-art, patented perimeter sensor technology, Millennium has gained a reputation for quickly accommodating its end users by incorporating their application-specific suggestions for even more unique equipment functionality. The Company has continued to offer refinement in its original sensor products, and now offers a wide variety of camera and video technology to complement its core system. Always aware of the newest trends in DoD and law enforcement demands, Millennium Sensor continues to further expand the protective capabilities we offer.

Our Company remains aware of the vital requirement of technological interface requirements and continues to design all of its components with the capability of functioning “on and off the grid,” offering equipment feedback both directly to the end-users as well as to command posts far from the deployment location.

Millennium offers convenient purchasing opportunities through its Section 8A classification; as well as through its GSA Contract Vehicle. We always welcome feedback from our existing or potential new customers, and encourage you to contact us.


Our Mission:

To Design, Develop and Produce Remote Sensing, Visualization and Reporting Technology to give Operators in High Threat Environments a Distinct Tactical Advantage against any Adversary.