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-P3-110 SPT (Single Point Tripwire Sensor) The SPT is designed to monitor activity up to 100m from cover. With a built-in LCD you can adjust response time, target spece and range gating. The SPT seamlessly integrates with existing systems.

-P3-120 TSS ( Tactical Seismic Sensor) Ideal sensor for longer term monitoring of trails and access points. Adjustable sensitiity to accommodate different soil condiitons. Range from 1 to 131 yds.


-P3-730 LTC (Low Light Tactical Camera) The LTC offers the same optical performance as the Standard Low Light Color Camera but in a much smaller package. 1/3 of the size and weight.


-P3-740 TTC (Tactical Thermal Camera) The TTC is designed to work in all lighting conditions producing a detailed thermal image and transmits seamlessly to the Standard Millennium systems.


-P3-815 AABP (AA Battery Pack) Teh AABP is designed to estend the deployed operational time of P3 gear equipped with external power capabilites. Nesting design allows for easy stacking of multiple packs.


-P3-855 HTM (Handheld Tactical Monitor) This new small battery powerd monitor has a BNC or Millennium Sensor connection for viewing any video.

-P3-140 XD Long Duration Microwave Sensor. The new P3-140XD will run for 30 + days on a single charge.




All MTV video monitors now feature a backlight control that can be adjusted from 300 nits (daylight viewing, full CW) to 0 nits (completely dark, full CCW). Adjusting the CCW will allow night vision viewing and unaided observability. All MTV video monitors now have an "AUX" mode which disables the receiver and powers only the monitor. This allows the input of any external video source to the BNC on the back of the monitor for direct viewing in this mode.



-P3-650 BCI BI-DIRECTIONAL CELLULAR INTERFACE which upon activation sends up to four programmable texts or calls with tone alert. Can activate other non Millennium Sensor equipment (e.g. illuminators, sirens, cameras). Has DTMF codes that are compatable and integrate with current alarms systems. Works on GSM network only.



-P3-950 DVR This small lightweight DVR works seamlessly with all the P3 gear. Triggers on and records what the camera is seeing. Can use up to a 32GB SD card for storing real-time video at 720 line resolution.



-P3-810 Universal Battery Adapters (UBA) which allow individual Mobile Remote Trigger (MRT) and P3-700 Camera components to interface with BXX90 field batteries. There also is a switched Tajimi port which can control a 12VDC device not just a video source.
















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