Grants & Appropriations

Many grant opportunities are available to assist law enforcement agencies in their equipment acquisition needs.

The Homeland Defense Journal has published a Guidebook to Grants. This is an excellent overview of the grant application writing process and how to become a grant recepient. Visit their website at or download the document in pdf format.

download pdf of this file


This Knowledge Base has been built specifically to serve the needs of Emergency Responders. It contains information on currently available products, along with a wealth of related information such as standards, training, and grants. All vendor information is screened before posting. Go to:


This is a very comprehensive site for locating State Grant Administration Agencies. Simply click your state on the map for all pertinent contact information. US Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs:




Need information on Community Policing Grants? This site has all the information you need. US Department of Justice:

Get more information on DOJ Grant Programs.
US Department of Justice:

Keep current on National Institute of Justice funding programs and opportunities.
National Institute of Justice: offers a wide variety of information on grants for equipment acquisition as well as law enforcement product forums. Must be sworn law enforcement personnel to access forum portions of this site.

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