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2008 Overall Score: 5

1-Poor 2-Fair 3-Average 4-Very Good 5-Excellent
Design 5.0 Versatility 5.0
Performance 5.0 Convenience 5.0
Ease of Use 5.0 Application 5.0
Size 5.0 Comfort NR
Quality 5.0 Accuracy 5.0
Durability 5.0 Cleaning 5.0
Storage 5.0    

Millennium Sensor
Overall Score: 5

Tested by a police officer from Kansas
Design 5
Performance 5
Ease of Use 5
Size 5
Quality 5
Durability 5
Storage 5
Versatility 5
Convenience 5
Application 5
Cleaning & Maintenance 5
Individual Score 5
The MILLENNIUM SENSOR P3 MTV-II (Mobile Tactical Video) is very simple to use. Merely determine your threat areas, program the sensors, deploy and let the technology do the work of waiting and monitoring for movement. The design and convenience enables a single user to deploy multiple sensors/cameras without changing batteries, running wires or adjusting the antennae. Each sensor/camera is self contained in a durable, water resistant metal case. Sensors are individually programmed by the user based on usage to give precise identifiers on location and alarm.

The camera has two means of activation. One is by removing the male plug from the device and the camera is on all the time. The second method is through use of the MRT (Mobile Remote Trigger). In this mode the camera power plug is left inserted and the MRT cable is connected. When the MRT plug is pulled it is active and when its same numbered sensor activates the relay in the MRT it closes and activates the camera via a second connection inside the camera that is separate from the camera main power plug. This design allows for multiple applications from monitoring training exercises remotely to real time intelligence on a target location.

As with the MTV-II’s older brother, the P3 MRSS system, the camera system is easily deployed in a variety of configurations. The MTV-II was deployed by multiple agencies/team members at an Advanced SWAT School. During the training exercises participants deployed the cameras in a large building area search to monitor/watch stairwells and hallways they lacked sufficient manpower to cover quickly. Movement was accurately detected by the motion sensors and the cameras enabled the team to observe the suspects prior to confronting them.

Post training discussion suggested the MTV-II system was very durable, easy to apply to a variety of situations including large area monitoring both exterior and interior, active shooters, barricade and hostage incidents as well as remote monitoring of team movement/training exercises.

In between deployments the cameras/sensors were quick and simple to recharge with the multi-port charger. No batteries to buy or chances to take on weak/dead batteries.

No deficiencies or disadvantages were noted.

I have used the P3 Sensor System and it is changing the way Law Enforcement approaches barricaded suspect situations. Imagine having the ability to see the inside of a building without opening a door or window. The P3 removes the tactical disadvantage by eliminating the unknown. The system is advancing covert building searching techniques to the point of knowing the location of a suspect inside of a strong hold objective prior to making an entry. The P3 Sensor System should be one of the first tactical options deployed before a life threatening entry into a building is made.

Paul Hershey
18 year veteran of the Houston, TX Police Department and SWAT Team Leader




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